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Sanity Check - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sanity Check [Jul. 24th, 2005|10:36 pm]
[music |Sinead O'Connor ~ Emperor's New Clothes]

The strangest silence
In a sea of voices
I'm in there somewhere
But lost and letting go
Calling out the surf report
No answer, you reply

Keep gearing up to fight
For what, I'm not sure
The voice I had I've long since lost
Speaking such a chore

Blow my mind
High as a kite
Lock me in
Pin me down
I still can't tell my secrets
I still can't bare my shame

I'm drifting
Sea still calls me home
But home is where the what is?
Where is it I have gone?
Reel me in and throw me back
Such a heavy load to carry
This road goes on and on

From hermit to butterfly
Craving my cocoon
It's safer there
But the barren walls so stark
The silence it's so deafening
The lonliness seeps in

Can't let them in
Can't force you out
What's this crawling all about?
Where lies my heart?
Where lies my soul?
My eyes are closed now
My thoughts just roll

Fingers clicking
Keys tap, tap, tapping right away
The phones not ringing
The light's gone out
The music's trying to drown it out

One took my heart
Another took my words
Now I'm holding on to nothing
Naked, standing cold and still

Now gently rocking through the pain
With all this nonsense
Could I be sane?
The spiral down
It always springs
I'm back on top
In control of these things
But the constant falling
The sudden drop
The fear of falling
That sudden stop
A certain panic
Of things unknown
I still revel in the hidden rage
That's mine alone

My bed I've made
My skin I chose
Here lies me
Here lies truth
Here lies everything there is to lose
Lost before and always regained
But when is the last...the last stop on this train?
Will there come a day
I won't return
Lost forever
Lock and key
For losing again this sanity?

Did I leave my cries
In some dark cell
Did I leave my smiles
On the ocean's swell?

Where am I going?
Where have I been?
Too many questions
I haven't the time
To stop and listen
To the words of my rhyme
It's all just gibberish anyway.