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Fun in the Sun - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fun in the Sun [Jun. 20th, 2005|03:33 am]
So I woke up this morning and decided me and the kids needed to find something fun to do. So I took them to Blue Bayou/Dixie Landing.

It was awesome!

The last time I took the kids somewhere like that was the AOL company picnic at Adventure Landing. They were so young that it wasn't anything remotely resembling fun. At least not for me. Max was about 8 months old at the time. Talk about juggling. An 8 month old, a 2.5 year old and a 4 year old. *shudder*....You know, I sometimes wonder how I survived that whole window of years.

So we get to Blue Bayou and go find somewhere to put our stuff. We end up in Pirate's Cove. Max immediately hit the ground running for these 5 water slides that are bigger than the baby pool slides, but smaller than the BIG ASS Slides (tm). At it's deepest it's about knee high where the slides converge. At it's shallowest it's about ankle deep. The water was cool and they have various items that cascade or shoot water.

Of course, the minute Max ran from me I had a moment of panic. I was like "Oh crap, I'm going to lose him today!" And I did. Most of the day. Only he wasn't lost. He stayed right in that area and after losing sight of him about 20 times I realized "Hey, he's kinda growing up, Holly...let the leash out a bit." It was awesome.

About an hour after we got there, he and Morgan wanted to ride this new slide they have. It's 8 lanes and god only knows how tall. It's one of those slides that has several humps in it. I saw one man get airborne and explained to the kids that's exactly why Mommy doesn't ride those. I always go airborne. Coming up about a foot in the air and landing in the wrong lane or on your knees sucks ass. However, they insisted upon riding it. So, like a good little Mommy, I stood at the bottom and watched, waved and prayed. They loved it.

After that, it was on to the river raft ride. A nice relaxing tour around the park on an innertube.

Then we headed back towards our things just so I could get a cigarette. HAH. The kids went right back into the cove and we spent the next 4 hours there.

We ran into their babysitter, Miss Kim. She was there with two of her daughters, her 2 grandchildren and one of her daughter's friends. So, Kim and I watched the kids play while Morgan went to ride another one of the big slides with Silver and Hannah. She even asked so politely if she could go.

Max would occasionally come up and splash us or hug us and run back off. Trinity and I splashed in the water. (She's 2).

Now, let me say this. I am so damn proud of my kids. They were AWESOME. I honestly spent the day relaxing and having a good time. Once I saw that Max wasn't going to leave that area and had sense enough to check in with me from time to time...it was smooth sailing. It's been a long time since I had such a lovely day. It was hot outside, but the water was more than enough to keep me comfy. It was a little crowded, but there was room to move. The kids were well behaved and followed the rules and listened to the lifeguards when necessary. It was a first for me. I wasn't trying to "keep up with them or lose them fortheloveofgod!" I was just chillin and letting them go a little. They didn't let me down.

We are now season pass holders. Sooooo worth it.

When the water park closed at 6pm, it was time to go put our bags in the car and head over to Dixie Landing for some rides. I got the kids some Dippin' Dots and then let them hang with Kim & Co. while I ran our stuff out to the parking lot. I came back to an ice cream cone and parked my butt in a chair for about 45 minutes while the girls took Chas and Trinity on the ferris wheel and to drive the cars.

In a moment I don't think I'll ever forget, I got to ride a roller coaster with my daughter. Not just any roller coaster, mind you...but one that *I* rode when I was close to her age.

See, we used to have this place in town called Fun Fair Park. It was a small amusement park with a roller coaster called Galaxi An even better picture of it is Here. When it shut down, all the kiddie rides and a few of the big rides went over to Dixie Landing. They condemned the Wild Mouse, I think. It was rarely in operation and had derailed too many times to count. It had also been infested with snakes a few seasons in a row and after 3 people got bitten, they never opened it again. But I digress.

The Galaxy is old. It creaks and groans and it's not the smoothest ride in the world...but it's fun. Around one corner I got jerked to the side and I'm truly surprised I didn't crush my daughter, but we had a blast. We were in the front car. Woot! Go Morgan and Mommy!

Before we left, we rode the carousel a few times and then made our way to the car. I think the kids must have said "Oh, Mommy...thanks again for bringing us" about 30 times. They really had a blast.

I got a little crispy on my chest and shoulders, but it's tanning up and doesn't hurt so far...so probably won't be too bad.

Next Saturday night's concert in the park is Aaron Carter and Jump Five. The kids want to go. So I think I know where we will be spending our weekends for the rest of the summer. *grin*

I just can't quite find the words to describe what a cool day I had. My kids rock. That is all.

[User Picture]From: eurocricket
2005-06-21 03:50 pm (UTC)
wow. i didn't know that some of the old fun fair park rides moved on over to dixie landing. i'm jealous that you got to ride the beast once again... (and share it with another generation).
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[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2005-06-21 04:43 pm (UTC)
Don't be jealous. This just means that your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get better so you and Marisa can come and get all old school and ride the galaxi with us. :)

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