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Tidbits [Jun. 16th, 2005|10:49 am]
I start guitar lessons on Saturday.

I decided to swing by Gio's last night on the way home and, although he wasn't there, I noticed a sign and called the number. Dan will not only teach me to tune my guitar, but he'll also teach me how to play by ear, how to read tab, how to do all the stupid shit that I haven't been able to goad myself into practicing all these years. I think maybe paying for it (and he ain't cheap) will help motivate me.

I checked my email this morning and jesus h. christ...fuck you, Orbitz.

I've only ever used Orbitz to travel 2 places. California and New York. So why, right now, when I'm having this particular type of, uhm, discomfort (understatements, anyone????) does it offer me this:


Listen, God. I get it, okay? I got it 10 years ago. I got it all the way through all the shit and all the good stuff. I still get it. You can stop dropping your little anvils. If you aren't willing to fix it or take away the pain, just fucking stop. Thanks.