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Psychotics need not apply - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Psychotics need not apply [Jun. 2nd, 2004|02:07 am]
[music |Talking Heads - Psycho Killer]

Good fucking Christ....am I a magnet? I want my 72 hours back, you bitch.

Do I sound bitter? Yeah, I am. Seriously. Someone slap me the next time I forget that "internet people" can be really scary.

Apparently "coffee and conversation" means "I'll be your emotional tampon and why don't you go ahead and bring the u-haul"...Yeah, well, I'm over it.
I told this insane woman today, in very....clear....terms that I was not in any position to be someone's dumping ground. Especially not someone I just met. Sure, my close friends, my family, they can cry on my shoulder. We've all been there for each other....FOR YEARS.

Let me sell you a clue, honey. If you send me an IM and I don't respond, chances are I'm busy with my kids, or I'm writing, or I'm just plain sitting around with my roomates and having a good time. Spamming me with "Are you there?", "Hope XXXXX is going well" (referring to whatever I'm doing instead of talking to her). When these don't seem to get my attention, it starts becoming the "cry for help" routine. "My world is falling apart", "I'm sorry I message you so much".

I gotta say, thank the freakin' powers that be I didn't give her our phone number. Unfortunately, she does know where I live. *panic*

So, yeah, the 200 pounds of crying femme the first night I met ya...it didn't really make me wanna say "Hey, let's be buddies"...It made me want to run screaming in terror. Fast and as far away from you as is humanly possible. Yet, even after telling you this (in a nice way), you didn't want to go away. So here's your clue, lady. GO AWAY. I ain't into U-Hauls and I ain't into people who can't handle their shit. You want a crisis counsellor? Go see your therapist. Unless you're going to pay me, I don't have the time. I've got a son 700 miles away from me, I'm gearing up for what might turn into a very ugly divorce and I have 2 kids I'm trying to remind every moment that they are loved. So, you think you getting a bad grade while working on your masters is really high on my list of things to "fix" right now? No, it isn't. Not even close.

I'm going to hang the sign on my door right now. In very....large.....print. PSYCHO LESBIANS NOT ALLOWED.

Thanks, and have a lovely fuckin' day!!!