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Ramblings..... [May. 29th, 2004|12:41 am]
Today was not a stellar day. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't horrible, just kept hitting little snags. Ran errands, left sunglass at folks' house, kids were batting 1000 on the "Let's see how crazy we can make Mom/Aunt Holly" meter.

I hide in my cave
So much bigger than it once was
No fear of venturing over the threshold
Feeling slightly complacent, but less than discontent
Life is moving on
Grieving for what's lost is oh, so bittersweet
I'm free
So free
The chains still bound around my wrist
Chains of years gone by
Loss of friendship breaks me
The gain of ME revives
Had I known so many years ago
Never would have caused you pain
Sorry will never fix it
Please don't ask me to lie anymore
The truth...it set me free
Set you free
Potential to grow, so strong
Don't stagnate, my dear
Blossom and grow and cry and rage
Yes, the chains are lifting as I hash it out with words
Swords of fire melt the ice and slowly bring me out
I have only just met myself
I reconnect with the girl lost so many years ago....so small and scared and sick and wrong and innocently loving her so much
This cruel world stole my soul when they told me loving her was wrong
In turn, I stole yours
I return it, just as I found it
Be well on your journey
I'll take care on mine
The rainbow lights my way