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Is it really so hard to understand? - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Is it really so hard to understand? [Dec. 29th, 2004|01:51 pm]
I've had numerous people today ask or allude to why on earth I take on so much at work. Allow me to share...

My boss suggests I'm in it for the money. HAHAHAHAHA. Not hardly. Working a lot of overtime only benefits the IRS. Seriously. Next!

A few folks suggest I'm a glutton for punishment. Nope. Wrong answer. I like sleep. I like goof-off time. While I do like my job, I don't have any desire to be mean to myself.

Let me share a tale with you all so you might get a clearer picture.

A few days ago I was driving to Houston. I needed to take some medication and needed food to take it with. It was 10:35am. I pulled into Taco Bell. A pre-recorded voice tells me "Thank you for Choosing Taco Bell/KFC. Our drive-through is open from 10:30am to 12am...blah blah blah". I think "Well, maybe they are a few minutes behind. I proceed to sit for about 15 more minutes listening to this message. Even backed up and re-drove through a few times thinking maybe they just didn't know I was there. No dice.

It was then that I decided to drive up to the window. I sat there for 15 minutes. They saw me. Glared at me. Didn't even bother to say "Hey, we're running a little late, sorry for the delay". So at 10 minutes after 11, I called 1-800-Taco Bell to complain. Was on the phone with a very kind lady as my order was finally taken along with my money. No apologies. Nothing. She said "What do you want" and "$3.56". That was it. I wished her a Merry Christmas and drove away.

That, my friends, is what drives me to pick up the slack when there's a scheduling snafu. I actually care about the people that call me. I don't like them all. Wish some of them would just give up on using a computer cause it clearly ain't in the cards for them. But I do value the fact that they need help. They call me. They expect someone here to answer the phone after 7am.

Yesterday, you see, we noticed no one was scheduled. Boss assured us there were 2 people coming in to open. I offered to come in and lend a hand since everyone was on vacation for the week. I was the only one here till almost 7:30. And there you go. Someone got their call answered because I cared. That's all there is to it.

Yeah, it's tiring. Yes, it's annoying to watch these balls get constantly dropped. But most of all...at the end of the day, it's rewarding. Because I care.

[User Picture]From: tarss
2004-12-29 07:58 pm (UTC)
Come work with me... pleeeeeeease. I need to work with someone who actually gives a shit instead of the lazy basts I am stuck with :(

Just be careful you don't burn yourself out though. (seriously).
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[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-12-29 08:17 pm (UTC)
No worries there. I take fairly frequent vacations. *grin*

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[User Picture]From: tarss
2004-12-29 09:00 pm (UTC)
You just see that you do *grins*. Judging by your pictures you have 2 good reasons at least to stay on top form :p

(my gawd I sound like someones mom there)
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[User Picture]From: annabrat
2004-12-30 12:37 am (UTC)
And we absolutely need people with that kind of mentality. Thank you on behalf of every person who uses telephone customer services and tech support!

Happy Holidays.
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