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Tech Support Before Christmas - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tech Support Before Christmas [Dec. 23rd, 2004|06:03 pm]
A few nights before Christmas
When all through the queue
Not a phone was a'ringin'
And the boredom ensued

With C and I in our corner
And the boys over there
Some flew to Shockwave
Some raced in their chairs

And we all waitied patiently
For the suits to take leave
Till the koosh balls a' launchin'
Head's up...best believe!

To the courtyard I flew
For my break and a smoke
Nope I didn't find Santa
With reindeer and coke

Though I did find the cold air
Quite refreshing and brisk
Okay, that's just plain bullshit
It's cold...oh fuck this!

As the sky slowly dimmed
And we wait out the night
It's Tech Support before Christmas
A truly sad sight!

~by: Me~

[User Picture]From: sina_bean
2004-12-24 01:12 am (UTC)

Poor you! But at least no one is calling up to harrass you and give you a hard time. Right? At least I hope so. Nothing worse that being given a hard time by some schmuck before the holidays just to put a damper on yours!
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[User Picture]From: rimmie
2004-12-24 03:58 am (UTC)
nice. it is cold indeed and damn it feels good. :OD have a wonderful holiday season!!! *holiday hugs*
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From: sgtkerr
2004-12-24 04:52 am (UTC)

>>>>>SgtKerr having a religious momment
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