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Yeah, yeah, yeah...updates, updates, updates - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yeah, yeah, yeah...updates, updates, updates [Dec. 1st, 2004|11:34 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

This one gets a new filter. I'm fairly close to removing a ton of people from my list. Simply because I just don't feel the need to share my life with the whole world anymore. My world is getting bigger, but at the same time, it's slightly smaller. I'm more...selective, if you will.

There has been a little curveball thrown my way in the realm of "Custody ala What The Hell". I won't be seeing Madison for Christmas. This makes me sad. However, it didn't do what I thought it would. It didn't make me angry. I don't have the time for anger anymore. Momentary flashes of "What in the bloody fuck..."...and that's it.

The facts are simple. I have a great job. I'm making decent money. I have a car that could drive me to Florida. However, with that job also comes having to work 40 hours a week. I have 16 hours of sick time and that's all I have till January. So, there ya go. I could drive out there. However, that would require leaving late Friday night, spending a few hours there Saturday and driving back on Sunday. I don't want to rush through a holiday like that. It wouldn't be fair to any of the kids. It wouldn't be fun. It would just be a whole lot of stress.

So, we're going to go out there in a couple of months and spend several days. That way the kids can enjoy themselves a bit.

It's time for me to officially file for divorce and draw up a formal custody agreement. Nate is in a panic because he thinks I'm going to try to take Madison from him. I'm gonna be really honest here. And I'm sure this is going to come as a bit of a shock to some of the other moms on my list. I won't do it. I love him. I miss him. He's doing better than ever. Morgan and Max are doing better than ever. I know a good thing when I see it. However, I also realize that the kids need to have time together. So we need to have some responsibility (on both parties) to make sure that happens. 'Nuff said on that.

It's amazing how lovely life is when you drop the fear and suffering and drama and bullshit and just be. Really amazing, folks.

My mom and I are getting along. It's not work. It's just happening.
I've gotten through a lot of things I was suffering for a long time. Suffering doesn't do me any good. Being real does me a world of good.

I'm being considered for another position in the company. When/if I know more about it, I'll let you guys know. I also got a raise. /dance

Saturday morning, I'm getting on a plane bound for New York City. On the agenda for the 2 days I'll be there are dinner, karaoke and Avenue Q. The rest is lagniappe. I'm glad I'm going for pleasure this time. Perhaps I'll even get to do a little running around in Cental Park. Who knows? The really cool part is I'll be getting to be goofy and enjoy the company of some old friends and perhaps even make a few new ones.

Is it Saturday yet?

So, there you have it. News from the World of Holly.



[User Picture]From: theodwynr
2004-12-01 10:45 pm (UTC)
Nah. Murphy's Law says you'll be with a bunch of dorks in NYC.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-12-02 05:33 am (UTC)
Oh shit. I wonder if my plane ticket is refundable....*panics*

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[User Picture]From: siilverain
2004-12-01 11:33 pm (UTC)
Very glad to hear things are running smoother for you. *hugs* Makes me smile!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-12-02 06:27 am (UTC)
Well, anything to make you smile, my dear Emi. *hugs*
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sina_bean
2004-12-02 04:49 am (UTC)
*hugs* I am proud of you, hun!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-12-02 06:26 am (UTC)
*hugs* I can't take all the credit. It mostly just....happened. :)

Can't wait to see you two in person, finally!!! /grabs you and does the happy dance.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: darke
2004-12-02 07:14 am (UTC)
I'm so jealous! I want to see AQ so bad :( The best I get here in Texas is to fix their server now and then (they are hosted on our network and their admin seemed surprised I knew the show when I got him one night :) )

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-12-02 07:32 am (UTC)
Oh, man. See, now, I get to see it....but you get to fix their puters. Can I touch you?

You and Jay need to plan a trip to New York, dear. *hug*
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