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Pics from New Orleans - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pics from New Orleans [Nov. 3rd, 2004|02:13 am]

Here's a few of the pics I've been sent so far.

Clockwise from left...Erica, Jonathan, Rob, Jeff, Me

Rob and Me doing a self portrait

After a weekend of partying, I needed to attend confession. Thankfully, the Pope was right there to assist me!

Left to Right: Rob (with Sheryl hiding behind him), Jonathan, Erica, Jeff, Mike. You can slightly glance part of Candace's face between Jonathon and Erica.

S'all for now till I get more pics.

From: chumas
2004-11-03 04:15 am (UTC)
Mmmm freckles, boobs, smiles, and one hellacious Pope.
Hell of a weekend, babe. /hugs
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[User Picture]From: jaxia
2004-11-03 07:19 am (UTC)
I like your hair in the pope pic :D
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