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My family... [Sep. 10th, 2004|08:42 pm]
[mood |sillysilly]

Some of the conversations I have with my family are just incredible. 

First, there was this.  Compliments of Nate.  He was NOT happy that he didn't beat anyone else on the "guess where I'm lying"...This is what he had to say about it. 

****DISCLAIMER******  Please keep in mind that me and Nate were playing.  It wasn't a serious argument and no feelings were hurt in the making of this moment.  :-p

Session Start (AIM - SublimeHeartache:Nathan): Thu Sep 09 18:54:28 2004
Nathan: you cheater
Nathan: you cheated
Nathan: thats not fair
SublimeHeartache: I did not!
SublimeHeartache: How did I cheat?
Nathan: ooooh the green beans and the corn ....oooo :-P
SublimeHeartache: WTF????
Nathan: and you know technically mexico is not truly a seperate country
SublimeHeartache: THE FUCK IT ISN'T!!!
SublimeHeartache: It is not the USA
Nathan: says you
SublimeHeartache: HAHAHA
SublimeHeartache: Okay.
Nathan: cheater
SublimeHeartache: Nope
SublimeHeartache: I did not cheat
Nathan: did too!!
SublimeHeartache: That was true.
Nathan: don't deny it!
SublimeHeartache: I've only been out of the country once.
SublimeHeartache: To Mexico
Nathan: you didn't even have to get out of the car ...
Nathan: thats not a new country
SublimeHeartache: Fuck off!
SublimeHeartache: I had to sit at border patrol.
Nathan: so..I had to stand inline and get ID'ed at the palace the other night
Nathan: thats not a new country
SublimeHeartache: You are SUCH a poor loser.
Nathan: i didn't lose
Nathan: I was misled !
SublimeHeartache: How in the FUCK were you misled????
Nathan: because you used that corn and green beans thing....you know I asked several times if you wanted corn or green beans and you said both!
SublimeHeartache: I said my favorite "MEAL"
SublimeHeartache: Not my favorite veggie
Nathan: well I got the favorite meal right ... you just wanted to be technical about it ..and change your mind all of a sudden
Nathan: :-P
Nathan: cheater!
SublimeHeartache: Uhm...Nate...how many times did me and J****** mention that we had the same all-time favorite meal???
SublimeHeartache: We repreated it over and over and over again.
Nathan: I am going to expose your cheaterness too!
SublimeHeartache: CORN goes with that meal.
SublimeHeartache: Okay.  Get into a pissing contest with J*****.  It'll be fun to watch.  :-p
Nathan: but you like greenbeans JUST as much as you like corn
SublimeHeartache: Yes.  But NOT with that meal.
SublimeHeartache: That meal HAS to be had with corn and mashed potatoes and white gravy all mixed up together.
Nathan: not accoring to the frozen food people
Nathan: all the chiken fried steak comes with green beans
SublimeHeartache: And it's just *wrong*
Nathan: are you calling them wrong? they do this kinda thing for a living
Nathan: I think j*****  will back me up on this
Nathan: because she was cheated too
SublimeHeartache: How was she cheated?????
SublimeHeartache: She didn't answer.  :-p
Nathan: oh
Nathan: I thought that sina_bean was her
Nathank: your a cheater! I am voting you off the island
SublimeHeartache: Sina Bean is *******
Nathan: I know you better then anyone else!
Nathan: everyone else has not a clue!
SublimeHeartache: Uh huh.
SublimeHeartache: You missed 3.
Nathan: did not!
Nathan: I missed 2
Nathan: From: sichernde_seele
Date: September 9th, 2004 - 02:49 pm
Re: What do I win? (Link)

You missed 2, Nate. *sigh* Sadness.

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SublimeHeartache: Yeah, you missed 2
Nathan: see just another example on how you like to cheat!
SublimeHeartache: HAHAHAHA
SublimeHeartache: This is fucking amusing as all hell.
Nathan: 15. I didn't learn to swim until I was 9. LIE!!!!  I don't remember learning how to swim.  I was really young. 

Thank you for playing and have a beautiful day, people! 

Nathan: see I got that one right!
SublimeHeartache: Uh huh
SublimeHeartache: You did
SublimeHeartache: You missed 2
SublimeHeartache: I mis-typed in IM. 
Nathan: only because you are a cheater
SublimeHeartache: You are SO fucking funny right now.
Nathan: want me to stop?
SublimeHeartache: Dude, I'm laughing my fucking ass off
SublimeHeartache: People are going "what is so funny??"
Nathan: well it's nice you are so happy go lucky with your cheaterness
SublimeHeartache: "He....*guffaw*  cannot...*snort*....stand....*deep breath* to lose....*hyperventilates*
Nathan: I didn't lose
Nathan: I tied for first
SublimeHeartache: No.  NOBODY won.  No one got them all.
Nathan: cuz your a cheater!
SublimeHeartache: And you tied for first with someone who's known me only from my journal and someone who's only known me from EQ and hasn't seen me in over a year.  HAHAHAHA
SublimeHeartache: You suck!
Nathan: and THAT should tell you something about your messed up rules!
SublimeHeartache: *falls out of the chair*
Nathan: you never left the country
SublimeHeartache: I DID!
SublimeHeartache: I didn't leave the continent
Nathan: no becuase when you leave the country people speak a different language
SublimeHeartache: And they DID!
Nathan: please everyone speaks spanish these days
SublimeHeartache: ADMIT THAT YOU LOST and stop playing the....what did Mike call it?  "Stop being a bitch, Nate, and lay your King down"
Nathan: you need a passport to leave the country
SublimeHeartache: I don't need one to go to Canada
SublimeHeartache: Or to Mexico
Nathan: well thats not leaving the country either
SublimeHeartache: Mom went across the ocean to Cancun....she left the fucking country.
Nathan: I am not the one that is full of shit!
SublimeHeartache: Whatever you need to tell yourself, baby.
Nathan: you my dear are a liar trying to make me feel bad on a techincallity that is way beyond my control
SublimeHeartache: If it gets you through the night.
Nathan: good thing you don't work for a jeapordy
Nathan: no one would ever win
Nathan: you need a passport to go to brazil
Nathan: and thats on the same continent
Nathan: no you drove down to the mexican flee market
SublimeHeartache: And to several bars and pharmacies and department stores. 
Nathan: all still in america!
Nathan: border patrol smorder patrol ...you have to go through one of those before you get into disney world
Nathan: are you gonna tell me next that you have been to different world? because disney let you in the gate?
SublimeHeartache: It is MUCH different.  It doesn't take 12 hours to get through THAT one. 
Nathan: on a busy day it will!
SublimeHeartache: OMG what the fuck is your malfunction????  Are you retarded?  Get.....over.....it.......Jesus.  LMFAO
Nathan: I won't!
Nathan: because I know you better then anyone!
SublimeHeartache: Apparently NOT
SublimeHeartache: :-p
Nathan: just becuase you have a delusions of where the borders to this country actually are does not mean anything!
SublimeHeartache: And where *are* they, Nathan?  Hmmmm?
Nathan: they are invisible
Nathan: only shown when you have to show your passport
SublimeHeartache: You know this is SO getting posted to my LJ...right?
Nathan: good! everyone needs to know how you cheated
SublimeHeartache: *falls over laughing*
SublimeHeartache: You're really serious aren't you?
SublimeHeartache: I'm gonna call you while I heat up my burrito
Nathan: good then I can make you say to my ear!

Next up...My children....

SublimeHeartache: kk
Max: im fttttmtewtggtfy
SublimeHeartache: Hmmmm?
Max: hg
Max: cic
Max: bot  i  dot  like  bed
Max: go  to    bed
SublimeHeartache: You are going to bed?
Max: no
Max: i m  surwe
SublimeHeartache: :)
SublimeHeartache: Oh!  I understand what you were saying now.
SublimeHeartache: You were saying you don't like to go to bed.
Max: im  srwet  srwe
SublimeHeartache: I love you!
SublimeHeartache: I got you something
Max: hollyae  i    like    you
SublimeHeartache: HEY!  My name is Mommy! 
Max: my  name  is    max
SublimeHeartache: I know!  I named you that. 
Max: srwe
SublimeHeartache: I don't know what srwe means
Max: i  mis    you
SublimeHeartache: I miss you, too
Max: cum  hom
Max:  cum  huom    ples
SublimeHeartache: I can't come home yet, baby
SublimeHeartache: I'm sorry.  :(
SublimeHeartache: Did you have a good dinner?
Max: i    am    suic
SublimeHeartache: what's wrong?
SublimeHeartache: I got you a toy
Max: i  woc  up    luast    nit
SublimeHeartache: I know.
SublimeHeartache: We'll relax tomorrow. 
SublimeHeartache: Don't have to get up early for school.  :)
Max: but    toomoy ww    is    satrday
SublimeHeartache: I know!
SublimeHeartache: No school on Saturday
Max: i    like    satrday
Max: night

Now, you must keep in mind that he is 6.  So he's kind of sounding out as he goes.  He was in his room all by himself.  I thought maybe Morgan was with him until my roomate told me otherwise.  So he was up there spelling words all by himself. 

Color me proud. 

If you need me to translate, let me know.  *wink*


[User Picture]From: jaylana
2004-09-10 06:55 pm (UTC)
Oh...I'm SO fucking amused! I think I shall lie right down and giggle myself into oxygen deprivation!

Sorry, Nate...you missed it. One simply can NOT have green beans when one eats chicken fried steak...it would simply ruin the meal entirely. Well, one can have them, IF you have corn, too. And the green beans don't live on the plate. Those are the rules. Mashed potatoes. Corn. Chicken fried steak. White gravy. All in one bite. It's the only way.

Please refer back to the "answer" post and comments section for a time-stamped reference to "I missed it, but I woulda got that one right"!

And thanks for the giggle. The really massive, now-my-fucking-head-hurts-from-too-little-air-and-too-much-laughing giggle. Oh hell yeah.
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[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-09-10 07:26 pm (UTC)

Now, keep in mind...we once had a chess game that was going into like 3 hours and all he had left was his king. He was a MUCH better player than I at the time.

So he's moving his king and I'm trying to catch him and I can't recall what they call it but finally he calls Mike to ask how many moves he had before he was supposed to give up. Mike said "Stop being a bitch and lay down your king!!!"

Now, he doesn't *really* lose that poorly. It's kinda like wrestling. It's all in fun. :)

I was falling out of my chair. Was good for a laugh or three yesterday.

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[User Picture]From: jaxia
2004-09-11 01:05 pm (UTC)
Max is too cute! Did you ever figure out what swre meant?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sichernde_seele
2004-09-11 04:33 pm (UTC)
Apparently it means "Sure" :)

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: wyrllwynd
2004-09-10 06:58 pm (UTC)
Amazing that any one man can actually have that much testosterone poisoning and still breathe on his own!

So amused.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: not_stressed
2004-09-11 11:20 am (UTC)


she still cheated. Next she is going to try and convince you that there such a thing as "fresh" seafood in baton rouge.

Liar! Liiiiiaaar! Liaaar!
(Reply) (Thread)
From: _dahne_
2004-09-11 10:49 pm (UTC)

Wanna know something scary?

Your six-year-old is easier to understand than a lot of the d00ds out there.
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