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This boggled me for a bit today.. - Sichy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This boggled me for a bit today.. [Sep. 1st, 2004|08:41 pm]
Our phone client fields not only phone calls but also chat requests and emails to tech support.  Unfortunately, we get a LOT of spam email.  Usually it's just someone trying to mass mail virii, but today I got an interesting one...

It said this...

This came into the queue as a spam email today.  A bunch of jibberish, but worth a good laugh. 

Any white laptop makes sound.
His brothers little recycle bin stares.
A given green omprella walks.
A given white bluish sport shoes sleeps.
A round-shaped picture stares.
His soft table is angry.
Mine silver sofa fidgeting.
Mine shining glove got an idea at the place that whose soft sofa is  angry or any well-crafted little round bluish mobile phone arrives.
Mine soft forg is thinking.
Her hairy red exam book lies.
A small mouse prepare for fight.
Our purple smart well-crafted carpet makes sound.
Any given bluish expensive fancy picture makes sound and a given small glove sleeps.
His brothers bluish cat calms-down while a given green eraser is angry.
Their fancy odd      shaped spoon calms-down.
His  brothers silver boat is on fire.
Mine white round-shaped fancy camera adheres.
The soft boots snores as soon as any fancy table got an idea.
Our purple spoon sleeps the time that a smart sport shoes sleeps the time that the expensive car is on fire.
His round boat smiles.
Her daughters smart caw is angry.
Whose white gun stands-still.
Any given smart picture smiles while our children expensive expensive round dog smiles.
His tall computer spit.
His small tv fidgeting.
The odd shaped spoon prepare  for fight.
His brothers well-crafted tall small  recycle bin stares while the golden well-crafted tall fancy beautiful well-crafted expensive golden red bottle spit.


[User Picture]From: siilverain
2004-09-02 02:24 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: a_little_rain
2004-09-02 07:05 am (UTC)
I love this stuff... I think it's very...dunno.. um, neo-surrealist beat...? ha. But I get stuff like this too sometimes and I can't help myself, it's fun.
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[User Picture]From: yarha
2004-09-03 12:10 pm (UTC)
I answer with Haiku!

And who dares mock Spam?
you? you? you are not worthy
of one rich pink fleck

Old man seeks doctor
"I eat spam daily," he says

Myrrh, frankincense, and
SPAM: the gifts of two wise men
and one complete fool

SPAM glistens pinkly;
Cat taps it with wary paw
To see if it's dead.

I put my shoes on
But remembered far too late
My secret SPAM stash.

Yarha, Behold the Power...of SPAM!

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